MSPLS Autumn 2000
Draft Program and Schedule

Talks are 30 minutes each, with 10 minutes after for questions. We will be meeting in Room 8010 of the DePaul Center (on the corner of South State Street and East Jackson Avenue).

9:30am Morning coffee.

Opening business.

Session 1.
Chaired by John Maraist.

``Authenticity by Typing in Security Protocols''
Alan Jeffrey, DePaul University CTI.

``An Object Encoding for SelfType''
Steven E. Ganz, Indiana University.

``Some Practical Aspects of Dependent Datatypes''
Hongwei Xi, University of Cincinatti.

12:00 noon Lunch.
Lunch is provided by DePaul CTI; thanks to our Dean, Helmut Epp, for his support.
1:30pm Session 2.
Chaired by Konstantin Läufer.

``Compiler and Tool Support for Debugging Object Protocols''
Sergey Butkevich, Loyola University Chicago.

``Experience with Software Watermarking''
Di Ma, Purdue University.

2:50pm Afternoon coffee
3:30pm Session 3.
Chaired by Alan Jeffrey.

``Static Checking of Interrupt-driven Software''
Jens Palsberg, Purdue University.

``Reducing Thread Creation Costs With RunQueues''
Thomas Christopher, Tools of Computing.

``The Evolution of Parallel Control Structures''
Paul Petersen, Intel.


Closing business.

Adjournment to dinner.

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