Driving to DePaul CTI on a Saturday morning

These directions are filled out by demand - if you're coming from a different direction than what we have now, let us know and we'll ask a genuine Chicago native what your best route is.

From Indiana on I-90

  1. Your best bet is to get off of the Interstate right at the Illinois state line, on the US41/US12 exit. You want to follow US41 northward, which becomes Lake Shore drive (map of that area).

  2. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Chicago skyline against Lake Michigan on your way up. On the way, notice how the tallest building, the Sears Tower, is one of the southernmost - we're actually just east of this building.

  3. You're getting close when you see signs for Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play) and the "Museum Campus". You want to leave Lake Shore Drive and take South Columbus Drive (map of that area). If you pass South Columbus Drive, just take a left at East Jackson Drive (there's a traffic light on that corner).

  4. Take Columbus north to East Jackson Drive; turn left on Jackson. Go one block west on Jackson, and turn right onto South Michigan Avenue (this map shows arrows for the one-way streets; Jackson east of Michigan is a two-way road). You have two options for parking:

    1. There is underground parking run by the city just below Michigan Avenue. The down-ramp is FILL IN.

    2. There is a private parking garage where DePaul visitors can receive a discount. The garage is on S. Wabash Ave. between Jackson and Van Buren. So after turning right onto S. Michigan, take a left onto E. Adams (the very first light) and then a left onto Wabash (again the very first light, and under the elevated train track that run down the street. After the corner of Jackson and Wabash, the garage is halfway down and on the right side of the street.

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